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Hi, I’m Carl Sanderson, A  41 year old with  Haemophilia A, a bleeding disorder  where my blood doesn’t clot probably. So doing 1 Tough Mudder event is a challenge in itself. This year my challenge is to complete all the 16 Tough Mudder events in the UK. This will be done over 8 weekends, so running the Saturday and Sunday at each event. My reason is to raise awareness for Haemophilia and help change the image of how others see us.  


I want to raise enough money to provide a fun and educational treatment room for the children and their families affected by bleeding disorders at The RVI Newcastle, Haemophilia Centre. This will help them understand the condition and treatments better.

I have use a number of different brands of sports/kinesiology tape over the pass a year or so, but all came off before I needed it too. I contacted ROCKTAPE to see if they tape would stay on over the course of my weekend events. “Best to go for our H20 tape, same price, industrial strength adhesive J” is the replyI got back. After being taped up by my physiotherapist on the Friday morning, it stayed on through 2 Tough Mudder events 3 showers and a hot bath when I got home. H2o ROCKTAPE is the tape I will use from now on!

If you wish to help you can donate on my Just Giving page


Also check out my Facebook page for more details on my Tough Mudder Charity Challenge