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This Blog is a little bit special; we are honored that Stuart has shared his personal taping experience with us and we are excited to pass it on to you – our committed Blog reader.


From Stuart…


My name is Stuart Maloney and in 1982 I was born with cerebral palsy caused by being deprived of oxygen for fifty-six minutes at birth. My main symptom is shaking in my upper body; this is more pronounced in my arms and hands.


The doctors gave me a life expectancy of sixteen at the most but I am still here. I have always strived to be as ‘able’ as possible and I succeeded in lots of areas of my life that didn’t seem possible. I have a family, I work in disability sport and I live a very active life.


So much effort is put into different methods of therapy for children with cerebral palsy – and rightly so – but as I got older, I found there was very little treatment available for adults living with cerebral palsy. I was discharged from the hospital at sixteen and I haven’t seen a doctor since.


Recently I found myself wondering if there had been any changes to treatment for adults while I have been in the wilderness. I was a bit shocked that no advancements seem to have been made in this area. On a whim I decided to see whether kinesiology tape helped with my shakes.


My acupuncturist recommended me trying RockTape. I used two pieces of tape on each arm, one running from the back of my hand up to the elbow pit and the other starting from my thumb running up my inner arm.


As you can see from the videos the difference between with and without the tape is stark. This has been a life altering discovery. It has improved my quality of life so much I felt the need to share this development with yourselves.