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Luke Rudkin, Sports Therapist at Gloucester Rugby talks about how the medical team use RockTape to keep the players match ready.

Gloucester Rugby of the Gallagher Premiership are proud to announce ‘Rocktape’ as their official Kinesiology tape supplier for the 2019-20 season. Elite level rugby puts a huge physical demand on the human body. Rocktape provides the players with added biomechanical stability, leading players to have the structural platform to perform on the biggest stage.

Historically, strapping has been rigid, restrictive and loosened off quickly with poor durability. The evolution of Rocktape Kinesiology tape has allowed the medical team at Gloucester Rugby to optimise player performance both on and off the pitch.

Rocktape offers robustness, durability and sustained dynamic capabilities through extreme conditions, with its H2O Extra Sticky range showcasing this on a consistent basis. Its ability to cope with multiple collisions, rain, mud and sweat sets it apart from the rest.

We use the tape in several ways; to offload injured tissues, support weakened structures, aid with swelling control and keep protective padding in place. Having used other brands in past, when working in both professional rugby and football, it is a clear favourite with the players.

The mobility products at Rocktape in partnership with Trigger Point, are a real benefit to us as a professional sports team, as regular travel for away games means players need to prepare their bodies in a hotel setting. These products enable us to set use various techniques alongside treatment modalities to ensure we are set up as if we were playing a home game. They are a great way to perform self-myofascial release with pinpoint accuracy, providing relief to sore muscles and joints, while channelling blood and oxygen needed to repair muscles. The Infinity balls are a favourite with some players, using the to roll down either side of the spine.

Rock Floss uses the science of compression and fascial shearing to help ‘unstick’ muscles and joints, so they move better and with less pain due to the increased flexibility. This, along with the right treatment by our medical team, allows the player to control their bodies through increased ranges in a smoother movement.

Having used many different brands and shapes of IASTM tool, RockBlades has quickly become a go to tool, its lightweight but quality feel, allows for a comfortable feel in the hands. Alongside this the Rock Rub provides a layer of medium provided for treatment which stays on the skin without sinking in, therefore having to use less product, and allowing for a smoother treatment with less breaks.

Many of our treatments rely on compression to release tight tissues, however the Rock Pods act by pulling the tissues away. Where by with traditional cupping, we would usually be required to apply these for the players. Players have been able to pull and push fascia to treat pain, mobility and movement dysfunctions on their own, with neck tightness a favourite with some players.

Whilst there have been many competitor brands trialled, Rocktape has simply been the best in the field when it comes to Kinesiology taping and mobility products, to the point where the players will specify when asking for support and strappings. Simon and the team provide an excellent service and go above and beyond to make sure our players needs are cared for to the highest standard.