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RockTape Instructor and qualified Ski Instructor Angus Wood offers some advice and tips to get you ready for this year’s Ski Season.

Every year thousands of passionate skiers and snowboarders return to the mountains and this season has started with a boom with record snowfalls across Europe.  Some will be looking for a cruise around the resort with serious après ski in the bars whilst the more dedicated will be searching out the steepest and most challenging run they can find to gain bragging rights for the descent of the day.

One thing they all have in common, whether snowboarder or skier of all levels,  is the requirement to move as efficiently as possible.  When there is a lack of symmetry in movement patterns then technique can be poor and injury can result.

Around 1.8 million UK skiers hit the slopes on an annual basis and it is suggested that there are 3 skiing injuries for every 1000 skier days and 4-16 injuries in every 1000 snowboarder days.  Many are related to direct trauma with other mountain users whilst numerous injuries can be put down to poor conditioning (skier fitness preparation).

So if you’re thinking of heading to the Pistes the best advice is to prepare properly; enhancing mobility and flexibility through the body and addressing any issues or potential problems of dysfunction prior to going.

But if things do go wrong here are Angus’ top Ski Taping applications:

Low back:
Helps reduce the 1stday ache as the spinal muscles adjust to a changing dynamic posture

If there’s chronic tension in the back line this can help prevent calf issues from regressing, especially as ski boots can aggravate.

Ant compartment (Shin):
Pain from the cuff of the ski boot can be relieved with tibialis anterior taping.

SIJ tweak taping, ideal when dealing with a chronic SIJ issue

Ankle Sling:
If there is pain from hire ski boots (very common) taping with a sling application can offer the relief that the skier requires.

Plantar application:
Again, very useful when using rental boots where there is discomfort related to a lack of an insole

GH application for related rotator cuff injuries

Remember, prevention is always better! Move more, move better and ski/ ride with a Passion!