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RockTape, the world’s strongest brand of kinesiology tape, announced today sponsorship of the US Speedskating team ahead of the team’s participation in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

RockTape is used by US Speedskating trainers and their athletes throughout the world to treat common muscle injuries like shin splints, knee and quad, back and neck strain. RockTape is also used for performance to strengthen and support weak muscles prone to injury.

RockTape restores the muscle by promoting blood flow to the injured area. It is thin, light, supportive and comfortable to wear for up to 5 days, and is perfect for treating Achilles tendons, plantar fasciitis, lower back problems, shoulders, calves and more.

“Cross training with other endurance sports as well as maintaining healthy nutrition helps athletes prepare their bodies for the rigor of Speedskating,” said Evan Miller, Director of Sales and Marketing at US Speedskating. “However, muscle strain can still occur. RockTape helps muscles perform better and recover faster.”

“Training and racing in Speedskating at this level is rigorous, and can put a great deal of strain on the body,” says Jessica Kendall, US Speedskating Athletic Trainer. “Athletic trainers, professional athletes and amateurs know how great RockTape is, and our athletes know the value of the product. RockTape is an asset, and great support for our recovery and training.”

Prevalent throughout the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, RockTape gained awareness worldwide through its use by athletes competing in Cycling, Track and Field, Diving, and other contests.

“RockTape’s ability to effectively refresh and restore injured muscles can help athletes perform and compete with confidence and without pain,” said RockTape CEO, Greg van den Dries. “We’re proud to announce the partnership with such a historically strong team. We’re very excited to help support these athletes throughout their training and competition in Russia and beyond.”

For more information visit www.rocktape.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @RockTape; #RockTape1.