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RockTape, the leader in sports medicine products and education, is proud to introduce the RockTape Blister Kit. Produced with the stickiest kinesiology tape in the world, each kit contains 14 pre-cut strips, in three different sizes – designed to prevent hotspots from turning into blisters, protect blisters from further irritation, and stop chafing.*

The incredible stick and stretch of RockTape kinesiology tape makes it the ideal material to protect skin from painful friction. Its unique adhesive and low-profile allows it to be worn for days under socks, shoes and shirts without shifting or peeling.

“As a roll, our tape is versatile, but not necessarily easy to use outdoors,” says Simon Bunyard, Director at RockTape UK. “We’re always impressed with the novel ways our customers use our tape, and this blister pack is another natural extension of a common tape application made to become even more convenient.”

The breathable, water resistant patches come in three different sizes: four 25cm strips (designed for entire backpack strap coverage), six 15cm strips (for arms), and four 7cm strips (for ankles, heels, hands and toes). RockTape Blister Kits will retail at £8.99

Find them on our online store here.

*RockTape Blister Kits are not intended to treat open sores or wounds.*