ROCKTAPE sponsor Skyrunning UK

Skyrunning UK is pleased to announce that ROCKTAPE will be the first sponsor to support the Skyrunner® Series UK. Just like all our participants in the Skyrunner® Series UK, the ROCKTAPE team are avid athletes.  ROCKTAPE already supports various UK based events and athletes in a variety of sports; notably Ultra runner and Lakeland 100 winner Terry Conway and Salomon International athlete, Anna Frost. No matter how carefully we prepare and train, injuries happen and unfortunately they can happen on a frequent basis, especially when pushing at the limits.  ROCKTAPE is not just for the injured athlete, it can also be used to help delay fatigue and improve posture/running form. Today, ‘Kinesiology Tape’ is widely used throughout the world to treat injuries and pain. ROCKTAPE is the only tape specifically engineered to meet the demands of elite athletes. Why is it unique? Stick and Stretch.  Its unique glue means that unlike many other tapes ROCKTAPE stays on the skin come hell or high water. ROCKTAPE stretches twice as much as most kinesiology tape and is engineered to mimic human skin. The ‘stretch’ is the secret behind ROCKTAPE! How does it work? When applied properly, ROCKTAPE lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes positive changes in the body’s fluid, mechanical and neurological systems. Commonly people wearing Rocktape report less pain, swelling and tightness, greater awareness of the area and later onset of fatigue. Paul Coker, Medical Director, Rocktape UK explains, “We are really pleased to be able to support the Skyrunner® UK series in its inaugural year, we hope it’s the beginning of a long term-relationship. ROCKTAPE offers lots...

RockTape Kick-Starts the Year with Product Sponsorship of the 2014 Garmin-Sharp Cycling Team

RockTape, the world’s strongest brand of kinesiology tape, announced today it will be the kinesiology tape sponsor of Team Garmin-Sharp, the top American cycling team dedicated to ethical sport and developing the next generation of cycling champions, for the 4th year in a row. RockTape will provide the team with kinesiology tape for the entire 2014 season. RockTape is used in endurance sports throughout the world to treat common muscle injuries throughout the body, like shin splints and knee and quad, back and neck strain. RockTape is also used for performance to strengthen and support weak muscles prone to injury. When applied to the skin, RockTape restores the muscle by promoting blood flow to the injured area. It is thin, light, supportive and comfortable to wear for up to 5 days, and is perfect for treating Achilles tendons, plantar fasciitis, lower back problems, shoulders, calves and more. “Our roster includes some of the most talented riders in the world,” said Kevin Reichlin, Team Chiropracter, Team Garmin-Sharp. “We use RockTape throughout the season – during training and races across the globe – to treat injuries and help prevent and alleviate muscle pain, soreness and fatigue so that our riders can focus on what they do best – racing.” “Training and racing in pro-cycling is rigorous, and can put a great deal of strain on the body,” said Andrew Talansky. “We use RockTape to help prevent and recover from injury while training and racing, all year long.” “Being selected to support athletes in a sport that I have competed in means a great deal to me,” said RockTape CEO, Greg van den Dries....
British Skeleton and Rocktape Sign 4-Year Deal to Pyeongchang 2018

British Skeleton and Rocktape Sign 4-Year Deal to Pyeongchang 2018

British Skeleton has joined leading sports stars such as the Garmin-Sharp pro cycling team; the World CrossFit Champion and ‘fittest woman on earth’ Sam Briggs; Saracens rugby; and the Turner Nascar racing team to partner up with Rocktape – the world’s strongest brand of kinesiology tape – ahead of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games. On the back of this season’s successes at the Skeleton World Cup, the US backed company will support GB skeleton athletes not just in Sochi 2014 but through to the following Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang 2018, South Korea. The 4-year deal positions Rocktape as the ‘Official Kinesiology Tape Supplier’ of British Skeleton, and will see Great Britain sliders wear a specially designed Union Jack tape at the Games next month. Simon Bunyard, CEO of Rocktape UK said: “British Skeleton operates one of the toughest performance regimes in Olympic winter sport and it has been in amongst the medals since the sport first returned to the Winter Games back in 2002. We are delighted to be able to play our part in assisting the GB athletes in their push for podium finishes both in Sochi, and also in four years’ time in PyeongChang.” David Henwood, Commercial Director at British Skeleton said: “We are constantly looking for every performance advantage, and for a small sport like ours to be able to partner with the leading kinesiology tape supplier in world sport is a tremendous recognition of what our athletes and the British Skeleton programme has achieved this far.” Worn by athletes all over the world, Rocktape will help the British Skeleton athletes keep up with...
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