RockTape UK Movement Summit to be held at Therapy Expo 2017!

RockTape UK are proud to launch our inaugural UK Movement Summit at Therapy Expo 2017 taking place at Birmingham’s NEC on the 22nd & 23rd November.

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We have been nominated for ‘Accessory Brand of the Year’ in the 2017 Women’s Running Awards. Click the link below and vote for us!
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Now Available:
RockSauce & RockSauce Chill

Hot and cold topical pain relief with our new
RockSauce & RockSauce Chill. You choose.

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Kinesiology Tape from RockTape UK

RockTape is the only kinesiology tape to meet the demands of endurance athletes.
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Kinesiology Courses & Education

Find out more about our Kinesiology Taping, Mobility and Movement Courses.

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Equine Kinesiology Tape

RockTape Equine is a kinesiology tape that has a unique adhesive perfect for all equestrian sports.

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Become a RockDoc Medical Professional

Are you a medical professional? Find out here how to become one of our RockTape RockDoc medical professionals and take advantage of our medical professional discounts.

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Mobility Products & Rehabilitation

Recover, relax and release with comprehensive mobility and rehab products from RockTape UK.

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Protective Gear

Protective gear from RockTape Uk, for everything you need to protect yourself at the box, obstacle race or beyond.

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Kinesiology Tape from RockTape UK

Kinesiology Tape designed with athletes and sports professionals in mind. We're more than just a sports tape company. We are a movement company.

Rocktape Kinesiology Tape

Buy RockTape Kinesiology Tape

The best kinesiology tape around. Visit our online shop and purchase kinesiology tape, training courses, protective gear and mobility products to improve your physical performance.
Kinesiology Taping courses

Kinesiology Taping Courses

Buy kinesiology taping courses and education here. RockTape provides professional training days and seminars on FMT kinesiology taping, movement and how to improve performance, nationwide.
Kinesiology Taping Gallery

Become a RockDoc Medical Professional

Take advantage of medical professional pricing by becoming one of our RockTape RockDoc’s.

Equine Kinesiology Tape

Equine Kinesiology

Equine Kinesiology tape and education that is being adapted for use with the equestrian athlete.
Kinesiology Tape Partners RockTape UK

RockTape UK Partners

The sports teams and individuals have partnered with RockTape, and the ROCKSTARS who wear our  kinesiology tape.
Rocktape kinesiology events

RockTape Events

Events RockTape UK will be attending to showcase our kinesiology tape and taping courses all over the UK throughout 2016.

Buy RockTape Kinesiology Tape Today!

Kinesiology Tape from RockTape UK

Designed specifically with athletes in mind. Buy your tape, kits, merchandise and FMT taping and movement education courses here.


Latest News From The Blog

Common Running Injuries and How to Tape for Them

Common Running Injuries and How to Tape for Them

Trail running has a ton of benefits for practitioners of the sport, as well as some unique challenges and injuries. Probably the main problem trail runners face is an acute ankle sprain, and taping may help prevent sprains and can certainly be helpful in the aftermath. Of course, trail runners are just as prone to the chronic knee and hip problems other runners face, too. Uneven terrain makes falls more prevalent and gives trail runners a higher need to protect their lower legs, especially, and doing so also helps with those tight single-track sections that may put you in proximity to thorny plants or all our “poisonous” friends like ivy, elm and oak. Protecting your shins and lower legs from these sorts of plants as well as protecting them from falls or scrabbles over fallen trees, rocks and other obstacles is the domain of RockTape’s excellent RockGuards shin protectors. Originally designed to help CrossFit athletes protect their shins during deadlifts, box jumps and rope climbs, RockGuards were quickly adopted by obstacle course racers and trail runners alike. RockGuards offer a lightly padded, highly protective front side that will take pretty hard impacts from obstacles or falls while running. The back is a breathable mesh that doesn’t hold water, so you’ll stay cooler than you would with a full running pant/tight. RockGuards also have zippers so, depending on your footwear, you may be able to get them on and off over shoes. If not, wearing them for a full run is a heck of a lot better than scratched, bashed shins or running into poison ivy and getting the post-run... read more

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