Rocktape and how it works

In the first of a series of articles, Barry Spencer, a Chartered Physiotherapist and Medical Development Director for Rocktape who also has a Physiotherapy clinic in Burgess Hill, introduces us to the basics of Kinesiolgy tape or, as most of us will know it, Rocktape.  Barry has recently completed the 1st CrossFit training day at CrossFit Bold. Seen the bright coloured tape over elite athletes in the Olympics?  Wondered what it is and what it does?  It’s called Kinesiology Tape and it ‘s received plenty of publicity of late. Kinesiology tape was developed in Japan in the 70’s and, up until recently, it has been mainly used in the Far East. During the Beijing Olympics several high profile athlete wore Kinesiology tape and, since then, the Western World has become much more interested. When Kinesiology tape was developed, it was thought that different colours had different effects, along the lines of colour therapy.  Black was to give more power, blue for cooling and pink to provide warmth. These days the various colours and patterned tape you see are just a bit of fun added to what is becoming an increasingly popular rehabilitation tool. Kinesiology tape is a cotton/nylon weave that contains no drugs, potions or magic. The adhesive on the back of the tape is acrylic based, which means it is gentle to the skin. Most people have no problems with their skin when wearing Kinesiology tape, even those who have had prior issues with other latex-based tape products. Depending on the brand used, how well it is applied, the skin type and activity levels of the wearer, Kinesiology...
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