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About RockTape

RockTape is a premium brand of kinesiology tape. First used by acupuncturists and chiropractors in Japan, today kinesiology tape is used by a wide variety of health professionals throughout the world to treat injuries and pain.
How Does RockTape Work?
Unlike traditional athletic tape that binds and doesn’t stretch, RockTape is engineered to mimic the human skin. This stretchiness is the secret behind RockTape. RockTape stretches up to 180% of its original length but has amazing ‘snap-back’ or recovery. This is what gives RockTape its performance advantage over other tapes.

RockTape can be used in a variety of ways to achieve different benefits:
When RockTape is applied with little or no stretch on the tape but lots of stretch on the tissue it causes the skin to form convolutions and wrinkle. This creates a bio-mechanical lifting mechanism that decompresses the tissue just under the skin. It is believed that this decompression and having tape on our skin creates 3 main effects:

• Mechanical Effect: As pressure on the vertical layer cake of tissue between skin and bone is reduced more normal slide and glide mechanics between the layers of tissue is restored. It is likely that this is the mechanism that can make someone who can only bend as far as their knees touch their toes in an instant!

• Neurological Effect: A lot of pain generated by movement or muscle contraction is generated by nerve endings in the space between the skin and muscle. As tape decompresses this space there is less pressure on these nerve endings so is reduced or stopped completely at its source. Having elastic tape stuck to your skin is also believed to stimulate receptors within the skin called Mechanoreceptors. These receptors play a part in our movement awareness, or what therapists call Proprioception. Many therapists believe that one of the main effects of applying RockTape is to improve our Proprioception, which can both decrease pain and improve the way we move.

When RockTape is applied with more stretch it can be used to support areas where tissue has been strained, torn, weakened or lengthened. By adding more elastic recoil to the taped area, functional stability and tissue ‘snapback’ are enhanced.

Why RockTape?

#1 Rocktape is STRETCHIER

Stretching is good. Our research shows that by making our tape with 180% elasticity, we offer fuller and better range of motion. Our competitors only offer 130-150% stretch. Can you feel the difference? To us, it’s like night and day. When we wear our competitors tape we feel like we’ve been bound. We don’t believe that’s what anyone wants to feel when you’re walking, much less running.

#2 Rocktape is STICKIER

Other tapes on the market were created strictly for rehabilitation. Rocktape was created for the heat of competition. Athletes have enough to think about much less worrying about if their tape will last though-out a race. At Rocktape, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art lab in the Santa Cruz mountains. We test all of our products on the trails, beach, ocean and mountains to ensure that our tape will provide the support you need regardless if you’re walking thru a park or running a double marathon.

#3 Rocktape is SNAPPIER

Snapback is the ability of the tape to stretch without too much resistance, yet provide assistance to muscles when they return to neutral. We use a special nylon called 6/12 to get the right stretch for the best snapback, recovery dynamics and moisture defense.

#4 Rocktape is SIZIER

(Okay, Sizier is not really a word, but we liked the alliteration we had going.) One size does not fit all – just imagine if we all tried to wear the same size shoes! But some of our competitors must think we’re all the same size because they’conveniently’ pre-cut their tape to certain lengths and expect their customers to adjust. But we find that, generally speaking, there is a big difference between a strapping 23 year-old elite male tennis player and a 42 year-old Ironman mother of three. Well, a difference in size, perhaps, but not in attitude and spirit. We think the tape should fit you in size and spirit, rather than you having to fit the tape.

1+2+3+4 = Rocktape is the BEST!

We promise you’ll be happier with Rocktape than with competitive brands. If you’re not, just let us know so we can talk to you about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our Story
Just like you, we’re avid amateur athletes.

Our love of running, cycling and swimming has contributed to a variety of minor sports injuries, and some of those injuries required physical therapy and the use of tape. We started doing more research on the tape’s effects and that’s when we discovered that the tape can be used to ENHANCE PERFORMANCE. We found that taping in advance of exercise promotes increased blood flow to the muscles, thereby reducing fatigue.

Generally, before RockTape, no one wanted to sell tape unless you were “certified” in their specific taping methods. It was their way of making the tape more exclusive and expensive. We decided there had to be a better way to get this great product into the hands of those who needed it, so we located a source, modified the formula and formed RockTape.

We hope you love RockTape as much as we do, but if you don’t, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So what do you have to lose? Try RockTape today, and see how it can enhance your sports performance!

Business Offices


Rocktape UK c/o Fit Brands Ltd
Unit 33A Number One Industrial Estate
Co. Durham
01420 446444


Tel: +44 (0) 1420 446444

Email: Bryan.Oliver@fitbrands.co.uk



What does it do?
The exact mechanisms and pathways through which kinesiology tape works remains uncertain and a matter of debate. RockTape is commonly used by athletes and health professionals to help with a wide variety of musculo-skeletal and sporting injuries and to achieve the following:

• Reduce swelling, pain and tightness and stiffness.
• Delay onset of muscle fatigue and cramp

How does it work?
When applied properly, RockTape lifts the skin away from the muscle, which promotes positive changes in the bodies fluid, mechanical and neurological systems. Commonly people wearing Rocktape report less pain, swelling and tightness, greater awareness of the area and later onset of fatigue.

Is it difficult to apply?
Not at all. If you can apply tape, you can apply RockTape. There are instructions in every box and more than a dozen HD instructional videos can be viewed here. Depending on which bit of your body needs tape you may need someone else to help you.

How long will it last?
RockTape can be worn up to 7 days. It is 97% cotton and can be worn while swimming or in the shower. (See our user guide for more info on looking after your tape)

How much does it cost?
Each roll retails for £14.99. A roll will last for about 10-20 applications, or about one to two months, depending on frequency and length of applications.

Why We're Better
Reason #1
Unlike other kinesiology tapes made for rehabilitation, RockTape was created in the heat of competition. We knew first hand that medical tape would fail under race conditions so we developed a lab in the Santa Cruz mountains where we could test our product until it meet our standards. RockTape may cost a little more, but when it’s all on the line, it’s nice to know you’ve got the best product in the business. RockTape is kinesiology tape evolved and enhanced, we did this to meet the demanded of athletes but the net effect is simply the best kinesiology tape around. So whether RockTape is being used on international athletes, kids or arthritic octogenarians they all notice and benefit from the improvements we have made.

Reason #2
Stretching is good. Our research shows that by making our tape with 180% elasticity, we allow the athlete fuller and better range of motion. Our competitors only offer 130-150% stretch. Can you feel the difference? To us, it’s like night and day. When we wear our competitors tape we feel like we’ve been bound we don’t believe that’s what anyone wants to feel when you’re walking much less running.

Reason #3
There are always options in life and compromises can be made. When we designed our tape, we wanted superior snap-back which is the ability of the tape to stretch without too much resistance, yet provide assistance to muscles when they return to neutral. To get the right stretch and recovery dynamics and the proper moisture defence we were faced with using a special nylon called 6/12 which is more expensive. Could we have used a cheaper nylon? Sure, but life is short and making the best possible product for you is what we’re all about. We chose not to compromise our standards because neither do you.

Reason #4
One size does not fit all. Imagine if we all tried to wear the same shirt. Some of our competitors seem to think we’re all the same size so they only make one width of tape and conveniently pre-cut their tape to inconvenient lengths expecting us to adjust to their marketing. We think there’s a big difference between a 7ft tall rugby player and a 55kg ballet dancer. A difference in size perhaps, but identical in attitude and spirit. We think it’s our job to fit you in size and spirit rather than the other way.

Medical Team


Daniel Lawrence

• RockTape education director
• South West Seminars founder
• Kinesiology-Taping-DVD Producer
• Chartered Physiotherapist & Lecturer
• University of Plymouth
• Truro College sports department
• Football Association Disability Football Cornwall

Custom Tape
Do you want to add you company’s logo to the best kinesiology tape in the world? Of course you do! By adding your logo to RockTape, your company’s brand will be displayed on thousands of walking bill-boards which will increase referrals, brand retention and is sure to start a conversation!


1. Client supplies art work in vector form to RockTape for layout. The design shall be mutually agreed to. Colours are limited to 3: base colour of tape, 2 colours in logo. (i.e. black tape with red and white logo).
2. After design approval, client shall supply a 50% non-refundable deposit before the order is released to the factory for production.
3. Production time ranges but is typically 4-5 weeks.Allow 4-6 weeks for sea shipment depending on country. Custom clearance varies depending on country.
4. Balance due prior to final shipment.

Pricing & Quantities:
1. Minimum order quantity is 2500 meters which is equivalent to 500 standard rolls.
2. Contact us for pricing.
3. Brass printing plate charge of £300 is waived on first order.
4. Prices are FOB local RockTape office.

That’s all there is too it! For further information, contact your local RockTape office for additional details or to place your order. Terms and conditions of sale are also posted on our web site.

Sponsorship Enquiries


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Are you an established, upcoming or junior Athlete? Passionate about your sport? Sold on the benefits of RockTape? Then you would make a perfect Rockstar!

If you are interested in joining the Rockstar Team drop us an email, outlining who you are, what you do and why we should support you. Tells us about your past successes and future plans.

Explain how you came across RockTape and why you love it.

Send us some pictures or videos of you in action, and using RockTape. Wow us!! (Please send Rockstar applications to s.bunyard@4impus.com

If you are ready to take the next step towards an exciting career in the sports industry then contact us at s.bunyard@4impus.com

Welcome to Team RockTape!

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Are you a retailer looking to add the next big thing to your lineup? RockTape has a great retail program and would love to talk to you. Just contact us at s.bunyard@4impus.com for more information.