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Kinesiology Taping for Neuro (KT:FN)

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Cast from the same mould as Rocktape UK’s much acclaimed FMT1 course. KTFN introduces the theory, concepts and practical application of kinesiology tape specifically focusing on the benefits to patients who present with a neurological deficit. This course has been specifically designed to meet the clinical needs of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists treating patients with neurological conditions.

 Course outline:

  • Theory and Concepts of Kinesiology taping
  • Research Review
  • Practical Introduction
  • Symptom Reduction Taping (SRT)
  • Muscle Tone and Recruitment Taping (MTRT)
  • Sensory Input Taping (SIT)
  • Dynamic Postural Taping (DPT)
  • Clinical case studies
  • Summary

  Learning Objectives:

  • To understand to proposed mechanisms behind the effects of Kinesiology Tape
  • To gain a basic knowledge of the research in Kinesiology taping
  • To learn and practise correct tape cutting and handling skills
  • To learn the concepts behind 4 main types of tape application
  • To practise application of the 4 main types of tape application

This seminar is available as an In Service seminar. If you’d like further details on pricing and availability please email seminars@rocktape.co.uk