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Introducing: RockTape X RHEON™

The NEW ROCKTAPE has arrived

The world’s first strain reactive smart tape that stiffens in response to your movement.

What is RHEON™?

RHEON™ is a super polymer that progressively stiffens when placed under increasing strain, providing more support at higher strain rates. Adding this super-polymer to RockTape has created the world’s first strain reactive tape. The faster you move the stiffer it gets.

Who invented it?

First developed as an energy-absorbing polymer for NASA by Engineer Dr. Daniel Plant who then went on to found RHEON™. RHEON was then developed for over 15 years at Imperial College and has partnered with many companies including, Adidas and Harley Davidson.

How has RockTape harnessed RHEON™?

RockTape X RHEON™ integrates a thin layer of this super-polymer to provide superior strain absorption. The patented auxetic pattern enhances the dynamic behavior of RHEON™.

Is it better than standard RockTape?

YES… by combining RockTape with RHEON, we have created a superior therapeutic tape that provides a more reactive response to tissue stress. One that you can truly feel and one that lasts longer than traditional tapes. RockTape X RHEON™ also maintains its form for longer as the polymers prevent the tape from fraying and maintain a consistent level of elasticity.

The super polymer makes RockTape X RHEON™ slightly thicker and noticeably stiffer than standard RockTape. The tape is exceptionally comfortable and durable to wear and will become a premium choice for most medical professionals who want to offer their patients the best tape alongside the best service.

RockTape X RHEON™ works particularly well around the larger joints and tendons that cope with lots of stress and strain on a daily basis.

This month we will be sharing the brand new tape with some high profile customers so watch our social media to find out who’s using it.