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Hey!! first of all Id like to say RockTape Rocks!! It has seriously helped me a lot through my running career.

I am an endurance athlete for Enfield and Haringey Athletic Club, but also run 2nd claim for Hertford and Ware Athletics club.

I only took up running a few years ago when entering a local 10k (which I won) and it was then recommended to me that I start training with a club and I took part in a few various track events half way through the season and did very well.
Track 3000m Hertfordshire County Champion
Track 5000m Hertfordshire County Champion
I also continue to compete at 10k off road distance and achieved my ultimate goal of a sub 40 10k last year in October, with a time of 38:58.

Injuries, as any runner or any sports person will know, come with the sport and I have unfortunately been off running now for about 20 weeks with a suspected stress fracture in my ankle (awaiting results). RockTape had helped me a lot over the past few years as I suffered a lot with shin splints, however, recently it has been more helpful than ever as a support whilst training. (I have taken up swimming whilst recovering from my injury to keep up my fitness) and the H20 RockTape kinesiology tape has really helped with the support I need. I had to pull out of this years London Marathon due to my injury, but am focusing on getting fit and injury free for 2016!

I cant recommend it enough and thank RockTape for all the support!

Becca @becca_haydenx