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Ice Hockey UK are pleased to announce that Great Britain Under-20s have teamed up with RockTape – the leading provider of kinesiology tape.

RockTape will supply the product for this year’s World Championship in Megeve, France which runs from 12th to 18th December 2015.

GB U20s physio, Gabby McGraw, said: “Unlike conventional sports tape, RockTape is designed to mimic human skin, allowing our athletes to move freely while they play.

“Not only can we use RockTape to support athletes during game time, we can promote recovery by applying tape to influence swelling, bruising and inflammation – therefore encouraging faster healing.

“We hope that by introducing RockTape to the team, we can help the players be at their peak for the duration of the competition.”

Director of RockTape, Simon Bunyard, said: “RockTape are really excited to be partnering up with GB ice hockey.

“We wish the team well and are very excited to be play a small part in getting some wins under their belt.”