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I’ve been skiing for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to be a ski racer, battling down an icy slope at break neck speeds… I say break neck because that’s the truth of it, and I’ve got that t-shirt. The feeling of total freedom on the mountain, wind in your face, while playing on the edge of control not knowing what could happen next, is completely unmatched.

Competing on the World Cup Ski Cross tour is amazing. Traveling the world, doing what I love. Unfortunately last season was over almost as soon as it began for me. I’ve been struggling with a really bad shoulder injury for 4 years now. Multiple surgeries and extensive rehab work has been my life for a while now, and last December just as I was hitting form and going fast, looking to qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, I crashed and injured my shoulder once again.

I’ve learned many lessons in my years of being an athlete and one of the most important things, is to listen to your body. Rocktape has been an essential part of my rehab and holding me together for these last few years. It gives me great peace of mind to trust something so much that I know I can push myself as hard as I need to, and have the support of the tape to keep me moving as well as I can. Whether it be in the gym using my knee sleeves or on the slopes taped, I feel very lucky to have Rocktape support me in all areas.

The next steps in my ski career are unknown. World Championships are coming up next year and there is a full season of World Cup racing ahead, but for now my focus is purely on my shoulder. I’ll continue to work on that as hard as I can, in the gym training, working with medical specialists and in all other aspects that are in my control… I’ll always be fighting!