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We are proud to introduce our line of pain relieving topical analgesics. Offering options for both hot and cold pain relief—RockSauce® and RockSauce Chill®—each powerful formulation is now available in convenient roll-ons and clinical sized 32-ounce pump tops.

Meet the RockSauce Family

RockSauce® is widely considered to be the most powerful topical analgesic on the market. It contains 20% methyl salicylate, 10% menthol and .002% capsaicin to deliver hours of pain-alleviating warmth to sore muscles and joints. It is an incredibly effective stand-alone pain reliever, but its exclusive formulation means it can also be used in conjunction with RockTape kinesiology tape to provide even more relief.

The success of RockSauce led to the development of RockSauce Chill®, a potent cooling gel containing 6% menthol—33% more than the closest competition. The roll-on applicator was intentionally designed for mess-free, temporary relief of minor muscular discomfort. RockSauce Chill’s powerful active ingredient works synergistically with soothing, inflammation-reducing ingredients like arnica, green-tea, and aloe to deliver a comprehensive pain relief solution.

“The convenience of RockSauce Chill’s roll-on inspired us to redesign our entire topical product line,” said Cullen Maroney, Product Manager at RockTape. “Our goal was to develop a system of topicals that benefitted our medical professionals and their patients from the start.”

RockSauce and RockSauce Chill analgesics are available in 32oz pump tops for in-clinic use and a 3oz roll-on for patient use.

The complete RockSauce and RockSauce Chill lines are available direct from RockTape and through RockTape’s trusted medical distributors. Learn more about this new line of topicals by visiting the link here.