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Sport: Crossfit
Occupation: HR Assistant at Bath Spa University
Age: 21
Height: 157cm
Weight: 50kg
What inspired you to take up Crossfit?
I first started Crossfit with the intention to get fit. This has obviously then spiralled completely out of control! BUT something really clicked between myself and the sport. It was exciting and left me feeling completely lifeless afterwards but full of achievement. My training from when I first began Crossfit has completely changed, I started just by participating in the classes run by Crossfit Bath which is where my learning curve began. These classes are second to none and I would not be where I am now without the coaches, classes and Crossfit Bath itself. I have a lot to thank them for. Whereas now I am on an individual training programme, programmed by Ollie Mansbridge which gives me more focus and drive towards goals. It focuses more on my weakness and increasing and maintaining my strength.

Please describe a typical week’s training?
A typical week of training would include 5 days on, 1 active recovery day and a rest day. These training session would normally be about 2 hours long as I have to fit in my training after the working day!!

Here is a glance at yesterday’s training:
As Crossfit covers such a wide variety of movements my training is always so varied but here is an example of yesterday’s programming…

My Warm up would include a light row/run and then something like Handstand walks to get moving.

•    On the minute for every minute:
2 x Clean + 1 Jerk – Build Heavy, start approx 70% of max clean and jerk.

•    On the minute for every minute:
5 Deficit Handstand Push Ups- Deficit of 20kg + 10kg plates each side

•    On the minute for every minute:
Deadlift – 90kg for 5 reps
•    For Time:
100 yard Farmers Carry 24kg KB
9 Burpee Muscle Ups
100 yard Farmers Carry 24kg KB
6 Burpee Muscle Ups
100 yard Farmers Carry 24kg KB
3 Burpee Muscle Ups

What is the most important or effective part of your training?
I think the most important part of my training is getting the volume and balance right which Ollie Mansbridge my coach is great at. As I work full time it is really difficult sometimes to find as much time as I would like to put into my training. Although even after a hard day at work I am always dying to get into the gym and get on with my program! I would love to be able to train all the time but we all know that is not the real world!

What/who else influences your sport?
There are a few people which definitely influence my training. Firstly Ollie my coach, without him I would be completely lost! My boyfriend Alec Harwood, he also trains and competes in Crossfit, as well as working full time. So we both have to work hard to get the right balance between training and time to do other normal thing like ‘normal’ people!!

Also I am lucky to have a great team of sponsors behind me helping me to reach my goals and where I want to get to within the sport of Crossfit. So big thanks to Rocktape and DBA Sports.

This is pretty simple for me. Make sure I have everything I need, sleep well, eat lots and stay relaxed!

Finally, tell us something we don’t know about you.
I am terrible knowing where people’s accents are from. I thought a Welsh friend was Scottish for about 4 months!