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“This is my son Charlie, he has a complex congenital heart defect (CHD) and has been in hospital for much of his life.


One of the things that has always upset me as his mum was ugly medical tape all over his face. Not only does it look bad, but it smells and he’s now allergic to most of it as it has broken down his skin.

And then we discovered RockTape – and we use it for everything. Charlie wears RockTape on a daily basis and it doesn’t cause him any irritation. RockTape has provided us a huge amount of relief, Charlie’s face has healed, and the tape colours always make his medical situation much happier.

image2-2-768x576Charlie’s condition involves major comp   lications with his lung arteries; he will likely never be able to use RockTape for its actual purpose – even though he now has good life expectancy, he’s probably never going to be an athlete.

Regardless we remain your biggest fans.”

Mel – Charlie’s Mum