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collageRMA is a sports therapy provider to global events. Services we provide to competitors include RockTaping, Sports Massage, Exercise Rehab and now IASTM.

The aim of RMA has always been to maximise performance and reduce injury so when my business partner and I heard about the RockTape IASTM course we knew that we needed to take a look and book.

As members of the Sports Therapy Association, team RMA were alerted to the IASTM Seminar by an established relationship between the STA & Rocktape. We were intrigued about the IASTM concept and were keen to learn more!

So what made the Rocktape IASTM course different to other Seminar/ Course providers?

At £300 the price may seem dear however the tools are included in this price, and also being a member of the STA you are eligible for 20% discount on all RockTape courses!

The IASTM tools are immaculately presented in a very smart box. You receive a high quality stainless steel tool made for clinical use, along with a lightweight tool designed to be portable; perfect for work at events or at the training ground!
Compared to other tools on the market these really are strong contenders based on the quality of the design. They are ergonomic and allow us therapist to treat in many awkward anatomical areas.

The course was delivered by some outstanding clinicians in Paul (Physio) & Rob (Chiro). Both clearly demonstrating seasoned experienced in their fields and this gave immediate credibility to the audience.

In reflection, we came up with a few things that we think helped provide further significant value:

1- Using an IASTM tool saves your hands! However make no mistake it still provides the client with a safe and effective treatment session.

2- The therapist is able to feel tissue changes with the tool that are virtually impossible to identify with the dexterity of the hands.

3- Immediate results can be expected, especially when you incorporate a global approach to your treatment protocols.

4- IASTM used in conjunction with RockTaping & exercise rehab will maximise proprioceptive feedback, ensuring the client achieves long-term results.

We would like to thank RockTape for providing an outstanding course, which beats its competitors hands down. We look forward to playing with the tools during our next event in September, check it out at Revolve24.com