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Rock Rub is something of an oddity, but like many oddities we’ve sort of fallen in love with it.

The basics: Rock Rub is either a massage wax or a callus-busting moisturiser or possibly both. If you looked at the cheeky strap-line on the jar – ‘Go stronger, longer’ – you might get a third, more Fifty Shades, impression. The confusion comes in depending on whether you check out the wax on the US website or its UK counterpart. In the US Rock Rub is predominantly sold on the basis of its moisturising strengths whilst in the UK it would appear we’re not quite ready to admit to rough skin and it’s marketed as a massage wax. In fact Rock Rub is pretty damn good all round.

The reason why Rock Rub works well as both a moisturiser and a massage aid is down to the ingredients. Beeswax (Australian beeswax to be specific, although we don’t know if that’s significant) forms the base along with canola oil, to which is added vitamin E, patchouli, lavender and the mysterious sounding ylang-ylang. It’s really the latter – along with the vitamin E benefits – that make Rock Rub so good for the skin, whilst the beeswax, with it’s slightly ‘tacky’ qualities that make it so well balanced for massage, particularly myofascial release.

Whilst we had feared that patchouli and lavender would be an overpowering combination, the smell is actually subtle and, most importantly for massage, the consistency remains constant during treatment. A little also goes a surprisingly long way.

Many runners opt to go for a good long-term build up of hard skin on the feet to prevent blisters and there’s something to be said for the approach, but equally there are times when those poor hard-working feet need a little post-match attention. So whether you’re looking to soften those feet a little or just get some much-needed massage in before that next long run, Rock Rub hits the spot. We’re glad to have cleared up any confusion…

Rock Rub is available in 50g pots at £6.72 or 400g pots at a really reasonable £14.99. Further details at shop.rocktape.co.uk

You can visit Running Monkey at their website http://runningmonkey.co.uk