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Never give up!!!

A mantra passed on from one friend to another. Something that has shaped the last few years of my life and three words that I’ll never forget.

How have those words changed my life and me as a person? 12 months and 54 days ago (10th August) the world lost a selfless character, who’s attitude was always ‘Never give up!’

My friend Chris sadly passed after an 8 year battle with Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer).

His journey wasn’t one about feeling sorry for himself, more living his life to the fullest potential. I think deep down he probably always knew he’d never outlive cancer but never took a backward step. After having to have his leg amputated at 15, he felt fortunate having the opportunity to play wheelchair basketball for GB. Never feeling sorry for himself he tried new treatments not necessarily to save his own life but to undergo new treatment that may save someone else’s. He wanted to do that to give others hope that there is a cure! That positivity is something I feel that I needed to continue!

So after Coast 2 Coast two years ago and Ironman last year it was time for some thing that was equally big to honor a one in a million! 1,000,000 metres! That’s 10k a day for 100 days! Whilst running 10k for 100 days after doing an Ironman to some people may sound easy, it’s a whole different ball game. No rest days. Constant pain management. No way out!

Day 54 today though and I feel great. Touch wood everything has gone pretty well, I have had a week where my feet were certainly feeling it and my knees are a little sore at the minute. I’m over the hard bit now though right and it’s all down hill?! If you’d like to follow my progress you can see my journey here on Facebook(https://facebook.com/OneMillionMetres17/), Instagram(@onemillion_10k) and Twitter(@scott86leeds)

I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the people who’ve sponsored me over the last few years, your continued support on these challenges is what really makes these possible. With the pats on the back, £10 donations here and there all this wouldn’t feel so easy to do. And this year thank you to: For Fit’s Sake, Raceskin, Rocktape, WellBrix and Yorkshire Runner who’ve supplied me with bits to keep me going the last 54 days!