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Bob Stewart, Head Of Medical Services, Gloucester Rugby

Having used Rocktape over the past 3-4 years in a professional rugby environment, I can honestly say that it has proved it’s worth. I have used a variety of clinical applications to enhance both rehabilitation and performance. Whilst from an evidence-based practice perspective there currently appears to be little benefit in using kinesiotape specifically in comparison to other tape, I have found it very effective from a practice-based evidence perspective.

Even in pro sport, we are in the business of modifying pain, optimizing movement and improving function. If I can alter subjective and objective markers through effective taping on a case-by-case basis then I will do so. Some individuals respond unbelievably well to taping just as others sometimes don’t. Being selective in how and why you apply the tape and to whom will benefit both your patients and your outcomes. Be objective.

We use the Oedema Control Tapings consistently in the acute setting to good effect – particularly around acute joint / ligament strains ( ankle / foot ), haematomas ( thigh / biceps ) and post-surgical ( shoulder, hands, ankle ). I have had some great results using the tape to supplement the manual therapy that I primarily use. It works incredibly well when applied to neural and fascial interfaces – the tape has allowed me to get more effective carryover on a daily basis which is essential when you have short turnarounds. We’ve also used it to good effect in improving joint position and thus muscle activation especially around the shoulder and PFJ. The tapes flexibility allows the players to continue wearing the tape without restricting function which is essential, especially for our shoulder patients.

From a rugby perspective it’s definitely the most robust tape on the market and is durable enough to cope with all the demands our players put on it.