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Recently around half our class from university took part in a Rocktaping course at St Mark’s & St John’s University. After this we were all qualified Rock Docs and keen to use our skills in sporting events. Throughout our journey to qualifying as Sports Therapists we have come across Rocktape as a brand and enjoy working with the product.

On Sunday 26th January a member of the college staff who owns Crossfit Kernow in Looe offered us the opportunity to attend a crossfit throwdown between some Cornish and Devonshire clubs. This included Crossfit Plymouth, Crossfit Exe and Crossfit Kernow. At the event we represented the company and college offering Rocktape application and massage throughout the day!

During the day same sex pairs battled it out against each other trying to get to the final in the afternoon. The first 2 rounds took place in the morning with 5 teams competing at a time. The intense final consisted of 5 male and 5 female teams pushing themselves to the ultimate limits!

The event was a great day and we all enjoyed both spectating and volunteering in aiding the athletes in performance and recovery. The high standard of fitness and competition was an amazing thing to watch! This was helped with encouragement from all spectators and also other athlete’s reassuring each other during the throwdown.

We would like to thank both Crossfit Kernow for allowing us to attend and also Rocktape for supporting us with equipment and supplies.

Grace Maguire, Jodie Lewis and Harriet Thomas