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I have just finished being part of the Medical team looking after Athlete Services at CrossFit Regional’s in Denmark 2015.

There was a team of 20 led by Danish local Per Rosenquist Kyed and ROCKTAPE Instructor Rob Crowley. The team included Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors all of whom were all working for Rocktape.

We began the process with the Clinical lead, ‘Rock Doc Rob’ showing our team the correct and most effective taping strategies for CrossFit athletes.
Rob is a Chiropractor and CrossFit athlete himself, so he not only talks the talk, he walks the walk too!

Most of the team had already been trained on the FMT Basics & 2 courses, but it was nice to refresh the skills.
Rock Doc Rob’s golden rules are:
•    Round the edges of the tape
•    Stretch the body part before taping
•    Don’t touch the sticky part of the tape
•    Don’t tape on tape

The treatment area was perfectly placed as we were imbedded in the athlete warm up area.
The treatment areas were separated into two, an eight bedded massage area and a single bedded ‘Mobility’ area.

The Mobility treatment area was for quick treatments/taping and the massage area was used for all treatments including taping.

Thankfully there were no serious injuries, just tight sore muscles pumped with lactate.
It was great to see so many British teams and individuals make it to regionals. The Rocktape team would like to think that we made a good contribution towards injury prevention and performance enhancement in all the athletes we treated.

Big thanks to Simon, Pedro, Jade and the Rocktape team for making regionals an amazing experience for all.

I’m looking forward to the British Champs in July.