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RockTape, manufacturer of Kinesiology Tape and Physiotherapy products, are delighted to confirm that they have agreed an extension to their current partnership.

RockTape is a premium brand of kinesiology tape used by a wide variety of health professionals throughout the world to treat injuries and pain. It can be utilised by athletes and non-athletes alike.

RockTape stimulates the skin and provides an increased awareness of movement which can be reduced following acute or chronic injuries. RockTape can also aid in the reduction of swelling and bruising – a common occurrence in rugby!

Gloucester Rugby’s Head of Medical Services, Eoin Power, explained:

“RockTape helps our players by reducing swelling and muscle fatigue, as well as inflammation of acute injuries, after training or games.

“The tape is good quality, easy to apply and has strong adhesive qualities, which is what we need when players are exerting themselves at high levels during games and training.”

RockTape Director Simon Bunyard said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Gloucester Rugby again, they are a club on the move and we are excited to play a small part in helping them get where they want and deserve to be.”