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5 Top Training Tips from 2013 World Crossfit Champion Samantha Briggs

Looking for some tips to increase your performance during the WOD?

1. Train Smart – do not let your ego get in the way. Only lift weights that you know you’re capable of lifting. Do not push yourself too hard. Know your limitations.

2. Tape Up – I don’t train without tape. My right knee is injured so I tend to overcompensate with my left side. During regionals last year I got tendonitis in my left knee. This is where I first discovered Rocktape. I couldn’t have competed without it. It certainly helped for those 100 pistols and walking lunges!

3.Listen – Your coach is your coach for a reason. If they tell you you’re not meant to be doing something, or that you should be doing something in a different way, they’re telling you this for a reason. They know best!

4. Knee Caps – These are key, particularly if like me, you struggle with your knees. Their sealed seams help to keep the knees warm whilst giving them extra support. Really helpful when your exercise involves loads of reps. My favourites are from Rocktape.

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5. Enjoy It – Us Crossfitters spend a LOT of time in the gym so if you’re not enjoying it… what’s the point?! Relax, focus, and enjoy yourself, you’ll get much more out of it that way.