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The staff and players of Sheffield United Football Club endorse RockTape for its benefits for players on and off the field. It does exactly what its mission statement says, & helps athletes move more, & move better. We use RockTape with our academy & first team players regularly.

RockTape helps our players by:
• Reducing swelling and inflammation of acute injuries by encouraging lymphatic drainage & promoting blood flow.
• Reduces muscular fatigue after training or games
• Normalises muscle tone by activating dormant muscles & reducing the activity of overactive muscles
• Distributes physical stress – RockTape allows full movement of the taped area whilst distributing forces to fascia & ligaments

RockTape tapes are good quality, easy to apply, with strong adhesive qualities; which is what we need when players are exerting themselves at high levels during games and training. The different size tapes are versatile so we can treat and manage players with most injuries efficiently.

We have seen good results when using RockTape with various first team players who have suffered from injury. During games RockTape allows players to feel supported whilst being able to maintain full range of motion no matter what intensity they’re performing at.

We use RockTape on players suffering from:
• Muscle strains – during the acute phases, during and after rehabilitation
• Joint injuries
• Pain due to incorrect posture – to provide proprioceptive feedback & correct poor posture
• Effusions

RockTape have also kindly provided us with RockRub Massage Wax which we use on a daily basis with our players. It’s ideal for deep tissue and myofascial techniques and maintains a consistency throughout treatment.

We thank RockTape for their continued support for our players and look forward to using their products throughout this coming season and beyond to assist our players perform at their best.

Words from our first team players on why they use RockTape:

George Baldock
Position: Defender
Use: Hamstrings
Why do you like RockTape?
“…RockTape helps me during a game to feel more confident in my abilities when I’m suffering from hamstring tightness…”

Richard Stearman
Position: Defender
Use: Hamstrings (Previous Injury)
Why do you like RockTape?
“…RockTape gives me support around my hamstrings during a game to reach maximum speed. It gives me the confidence to do this after my previous hamstring injury…”