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RockTape Inc., a leader in sports medicine products and education, has announced the latest addition to its mobility line—RockFloss. RockFloss is a latex band designed for muscle and joint “flossing” before and/or after training, and for post-injury rehabilitation.

RockFloss uses the science of compression and fascial shearing to help “unstick” stiff or sore muscles and mobilise joints, so everyone from the weekend warrior to the pro athlete can move better and with less pain. In addition to improving muscle and joint function, RockFloss can improve flexibility, range of motion and help reduce swelling.

Unlike other floss products, RockFloss is specifically designed to be “tackier,” grabbing skin and underlying tissues, which enhances ease of use and efficacy. RockFloss is made of 100% natural latex, 1.25 millimeters thick and seven feet long, and comes in 5cm width. RockFloss is commonly used on shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, hips or ankles. Each roll of RockFloss includes detailed instructions, covering the most common applications.

“Floss has been popular with functional fitness athletes for quite some time,” says Cullen Maroney, head of product development at RockTape. “We believe in its efficacy as a treatment modality. But until now, no one has really done it right. This was a huge opportunity for us to introduce it to the mainstream, with detailed instructions – you can start improving range of motion and reducing pain right out of the box.”

As a leader in functional fitness, RockTape has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to mobility products for athletes and medical professionals. Not only is RockFloss effective, convenient and reusable, it also works as an amazing complement to RockTape kinesiology tape. After taping target areas, RockFloss can be used in conjunction with taping to augment the effects of RockTape.

RockFloss will be available soon in 5cm width. You can read more here.