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Athlete Profile : Adam Everett
Taekwon-do Junior Heavyweight world champion 2014
Adult British Welterweight champion patterns and sparing 2015
Qualified to represent England at the upcoming European Championships

Adam is a key member of the Elite Academy at Truro College run by UKSCA coach Jamie Wilcocks.

Physiotherapy is provided onsite by Rocktape tutor Daniel Lawrence who manages the Sports Injury Clinic in addition to his lecturing role in Truro.

Daniel commented: Adams training is very intensive and although he has largely avoided injury this year he has required some assistance with recovery and maintaining full pain-free movement. We have utilised a range of treatments including passive mobilisation, MET, and soft tissue treatments. Adam has been using Rocktape for a couple of years to help reduce thoracic spine pain and to improve postural awareness.

Adams comments on his training: I am now 18 but began training when I was 5. I train 4 nights a week, sometimes increasing to 6 nights a week in preparation for competitions, at Richards TKD St Austell and Falmouth with my instructors Mark and Wendy Richards, who have taught me since the beginning of my Taekwon-do career and prepare me with the necessary training to compete at the level that I do. I have participated in 2 European Championships in Naples and Barcelona respectively and 2 World Championships in Ottawa.


  • By winning at national competitions, I have qualified to represent England at the upcoming European Championships in Moldova in July and I hope that here I will achieve at my first international competition as an adult competitor.
  • Later in my Taekwon-do career, I would like to instruct a club, using my experiences to take on a coaching role for other athletes.

One of Adams favourite applications is the thoracic SRT as shown below which helps to reduce the feeling of muscular tension during heavy training weeks.

Our Education Director Daniel Lawrence is a practising Physiotherapist and module leader on a Sports Rehabilitation Programme accredited by the University of Plymouth. Daniel travels the UK delivering our Rocktape workshops and Tendinopathy seminars. Check out our courses here