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Now we can glide over the spine, gently lifting the skin and superficial fascia while creating an unusually therapeutic sensory feast for our attentive peripheral nervous system.


Application couldn’t be easier, no fire, no pumps, nothing mechanical. All you need is one RockPod Glide and some wax, oil or emollient. Patient feedback is immediate and almost unanimously positive.


Glide, or Massage cupping is easy to get started with, especially with the RockPod Glides.


Make sure you are suitably qualified to deliver cupping treatment and if you are then we always advise checking for contraindications during your assessment. We cover these on our cupping RockPods course.


1: Apply a liberal covering of RockRub, or your preferred medium, to the treatment area.


2: Apply the RockPod Glide with a low level of vacuum. It will be difficult to glide with a higher level of vacuum due to an increased skin strain.


3: Glide the pod in the desired direction – and back again. Try gliding over the centre of the spine, depending on the patient’s body shape this should be achievable.


4: You can also get the patient moving with guided stretching while using the pods.


5: Monitor skin reddening, this can occur with repeated gliding, higher levels of suction and when the wax or oil is rubbed off with repeated gliding.


Which size pod should I use?


The choice is yours and we encourage you to experiment and ask the patient for feedback. I usually advise using the largest pod or cup possible as your treatment area is immediately enhanced.


Here is an image of the RockPod Glides on the thigh.


Here is a YouTube video link of the RockPod Glides in use


Check out our Instagram @RockTape_UK for more product demonstrations.


Live event: Tuesday 7th June at 9:30am RockPod – Glide –  Cupping demonstration @RockTape_UK