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Based on available historical information, the first medical use of vibration was for the treatment of parkinsons disease. Prof Jean-Martin Charcot, a French neurologist. Used a Vibrating chair for Parkinsons Patients in the late 19th century. Around this time doctors were also considering whether the vibration from horse carriages and or rail travel had legitimate health benefits. If you ever travel by train into Cornwall, you can still experience the therapeutic vibrations over the ancient railway lines, a journey I am very familiar with.


You may have also read about the use of whole-body vibration to improve or restore astronaut bone density. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts have also taken to it. While it does have many benefits there is no sensible mechanism that would allow the shaking off of fat – wishful thinking!


Over the last five years the therapy industry has seen everything from rollers, balls and massage tools upgraded to vibrate. Until recently the only thing that didn’t vibrate were cups. Well RockTape…or ‘RockPod Vibes’ to the rescue. Now vibrating cups or pods are available in the UK.


Patients and clinicians are reporting two notable outcomes when using vibration tools.


Firstly, Pain relief – which has been termed vibratory analgesia. This may occur through a combination of peripheral and central mechanisms. The low amplitude vibration from the RockPod Vibes does provide a non-intense stimulus which may tap into the pain gate mechanism on one level and higher brain centres on another.


Secondly, Research discusses a reflex called the transverse vibration reflex (TVR). It is suggested that the initial stimulus of vibration can excite the muscle spindles and have a generally upregulating and stimulatory effect. However, after a prolonged vibratory stimulus the nervous system may become used to the stimulus, commonly called habituation, at this point muscle tone may reduce and a general inhibitory effect may occur.


Initial feedback from the clinic has been excellent, it seems patients are getting immediate relief and enjoying the novel experience or vibrating cups.


I certainly recommend you try them yourself.


See the Vibes being unboxed and used on our short YouTube Video