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What a year it has been, certainly one we will never forget, although we would probably like to!

Without question we have all been forced to adapt and make changes in order to cope with the pandemic, social lockdown and the knock-on economic challenges. As an example, many therapists took to online consulting and experimenting with other income streams in order to ride out the storm.

It is quite apparent that the retail industry has been in decline and is struggling to move with the changing environment. We have seen many big companies fall into administration as the lockdowns issued the final blow to what many experts feel has been a slow decline largely due to online competition.


What can we do as clinicians to offer extra value to our patients in a retail sense?

  1. When buying online there is little guidance and education offered. By offering patients the opportunity to experience and ask questions about products they have on their radar is great value add for them
  2. Offering a selection of products brings people to you separately from there treatment needs and this is a very natural way to stay front and centre in your community
  3. Offer a discount to your patients so you are also giving them tangible value add

How can clinicians set this up?

  1. Many brands, like RockTape and Flow Massage Guns, offer clinicians preferential pricing, this provides you with the opportunity to pass on some discount to your patients
  2. If you are unsure or uncomfortable, then why not try it with one or two products only and see what the feedback is
  3. Simply being able to talk knowledgeably and honestly about products is where you can offer patients some value
  4. A small display in reception or in your treatment room may spark a conversation
  5. If cash is very tight then some brands offer affiliate schemes, whereby you can direct sales to their websites whilst receiving a commission for anything that comes through your unique code. Flow Massage Guns are a good example of this


What products might sit well in clinic for sale?

  1. Products that are used in clinic are great, patients will see the benefits of you using them and you are able to offer clear guidance on how best to utilise them
  2. RockTape Kinesiology Tape
  3. Mobility Products – Balls, Bands, Swiss Balls and Foam Rollers
  4. Flow Massage Guns (high price point, but great margins for the clinician)
  5. Topicals – hot and cold


Why should clinicians add retail to their offering?

  1. It is another revenue stream coming into clinic
  2. Your clinic may become a destination for local people to pick up supplies, in turn you pick up new patients
  3. You are providing a value-add service and you are allowing people the option to try before they buy
  4. You can provide some clear and honest education around products
  5. Do not feel the need to ‘sell’, honest education is key


In a nutshell, I am very simply saying that going the extra mile for your patients, being brave and trying new things might make all the difference when it comes to paying the bills and creating a sustainable business.


For more information on the Flow Affiliate scheme please visit the website: https://flowsportstech.co.uk/affiliates/