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Our new Movement Beyond Mobility course is in the final stages of development and I thought our blog readership would like us to share some of the things we discovered while developing this course. It’s been an exciting experience, as we have been required to hone our physical ability to perform and present the techniques in addition to the theoretical content, its left us fitter and feeling a few years younger – we are eager to share these outcomes with our students at the British School of Osteopathy in London on the 15th of November.

One of our overarching messages is the importance of movement and all of the systems that allow this to occur. Your clients and patients are likely to have read the recent reports regarding the latest health scare. I am not talking about Smoking, Cholesterol, Sugar, or Alcohol. This time it’s sitting – yes just SITTING.

According to the research even FIT people are likely to be guilty of sitting too much. One fact that caught me by surprise is that even if you exercise for 30 minutes everyday, if you then spend the rest of the day predominantly sitting you are still categorised as sedentary with the associated health risks, which include, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Like many jobs, working for RockTape UK involves lots of sitting, to answer emails, write course content, reading research, and inevitable travel up and down the UK. One aspect of the job does provide some compensation for this and is considered the most rewarding part of what I do – Teaching. The new Movement Beyond mobility course is no exception and will see the tutor and students moving more than any other course we have taught. Our students will leave the course feeling the same positive physical changes that they can then pass on to their clients and patients.

Shoulder technique Example: The picture shows an example of a shoulder mobilization using a mobility band to sustain a positional tweak to the humeral head and shoulder girdle during a motor control re-training programme. A simple exercise would involve a light posterior and downward pull from the band while performing external rotation at approximately 80 degrees shoulder abduction. A more advanced option would be a single arm shoulder press with a moderate weight. You may wish to try it for a stiff shoulder with or without impingement type symptoms. If an improvement is not experienced after 1-3 repetitions stop and re-assess or refer for appropriate assessment.

We also have some great hip mobs to practice on the course that really leave your hips feeling younger and are slightly addictive.

Well I am conscious of the time I have spent sitting down to write this. I’m off to play with my balls (mobility balls).

All the best from Dan and the team.